Amazon global: A complete lists of Amazon marketplace storefronts

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One of the world’s largest ecommerce marketplaces with storefronts in 14 countries and growing, Amazon makes the ideal channel for any retailer or vendor of consumer products seeking to sell globally online in serious volume. Here’s a sneak peep at the list of countries where Amazon currently has a storefront!

  • Amazon Australia

The newly launched channel has already gained a lot of popularity in the region. With 35% online shoppers and its own FBA fulfillment services, a vendor can partner by creating an account.


  • Amazon Canada, part of North America Unified Account, offers vendor access to and, from the same Amazon account making it a lucrative platform.


  • Amazon China offers greater security than its competitions. However, a third-person entity is required to be able to sell on


  • Amazon France

With 19 million visitors on its website courtesy of its Unified European Account, clothing and footwear dominate the market here.


  • Amazon Germany:

PayPal’s research says 70% Germans shop via large ‘global’ stores like Amazon, when buying from international sellers.


  • Amazon India:

Launch of Amazon Prime in 2016 has catapulted this website making it a shopping destination owing to growing income and lifestyle choices.


  • Amazon USA

In 2016, 43% of all online retail spend were credited to Amazon. With 95 million unique customers visiting each month, it is hugely popular.


  • Amazon Spain

Showing potential with €28 billion sales last year, 48% shoppers in Spain choose cross-borders sellers.


  • Amazon UK

In 2016, British spent £7.7 billion on online cross-border purchases, highlighting its sales potential.


  • Amazon Japan

As a non-resident, rope in an agent to manage import declarations and pay duties and taxes on your behalf.


  • Amazon Mexico

Amazon proxies as a gateway for sales in the country but it’s your responsibility to get a registered importer license.


  • Amazon Italy:

Why Italy? Because as in other parts of the world, this market is looking for cross-border vendors.


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