Does Amazon ship to Thailand? Is there an website? Does Amazon have a customer service team in Thailand? There are a lot of questions and confusion about whether or not the giant online shopping marketplace, Amazon has expanded into Thailand. Today, we are going to tackle these questions and provide you with the facts.

Earlier this year, people in Thailand can now purchase items on following the launch of a new feature that Amazon announced. They announced the “International Shopping experience” available through Amazon Shopping iOs and Android apps and also through mobile web browser. This features allows customers in Thailand to shop in the local currency, baht, make the shopping experience easier and more pleasant. With the international shipping feature, the product listing will display the price, shipping cost and import duty estimates and the customer is responsible for all the mentioned costs. It has now become easier that ever for people in Thailand to order items from

So to answer the number one question, Amazon DOES ship to Thailand however this is through the platform. Through the International Shopping feature that was launched earlier in the year, customers are able to select on country, language preference and choose their local currency to begin shopping on the platform. This means that shopping on Amazon has become easier for customers in Thailand but this does not mean that Amazon has expanded to Thailand.