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Get more reviews on Amazon!

A recent study shows that 93% of customers buying decision is influenced by reviews. There is nothing more powerful for your product than a trustworthy well-written positive review!

It’s very simple:

More reviews => More orders

So how to get more reviews?

We see an increase of 32% more reviews when using this service compared to not requesting reviews.

This service uses the built-in Amazon function that requests a review from your past orders and is therefore, the official way Amazon allows to request reviews. 💯 TOS confirm!

Don’t waste your time and money using “review services” that are sending mass spammy emails that do not come directly from Amazon. There is always a risk to get your account suspended.

100 requests
$19.95per month
250 requests
$29.95per month
500 requests
$39.95per month
1500 requests
$59.95per month
3000 requests
$69.95per month
6000 requests
$79.95per month
over 6000 requests
$99.95per month
Accounts linked
Reviews Requested
Avg. increase of reviews received

Sign up today and receive review requests for all your orders in the last 45 days completely free of charge!
– This will not count towards your monthly review request limit –

This offer is expiring shortly:

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  1. Is this service against the Amazon TOS?
    No. This service uses the built-in function from Amazon to request a review. There is zero risk of getting suspended, unlike other “grey area” services.
  2. How does the review request look like for the customer?
    The review request is sent via email from Amazon directly to the customer. It looks like this.
  3. What happens after the subscription?
    Please follow this simple 2-step instruction to get your service setup.
  4. Are you sure this can help me?
    Yes, absolutely! We measured on over 15,000 orders and found that on average you will receive more reviews. More reviews, help your organic ranking and conversion rate which leads to more orders and again more reviews. You can find a summary of our study here.
  5. What happens with a refund?
    The service will start sending requests 10 days after the order date. If till this date any refunds occurred the order will be skipped and no review will be requested.
  6. How long back can you request reviews?
    We can request reviews 4-30 days after the order is delivered. The delivery date is not visible in Amazon Sellercentral, but usually, an order gets delivered 2-4 days after order is placed. During our special offer, we will request all your orders from the last 45 days – free of charge!
  7. What happens if I run out of requests?
    The weekly summary email will notify you that there are no requests left for the month. We strongly recommend to upgrade your package and we will continue to request reviews right away.
  8. What frequncy do you send out review request?
    We send out review requests once a week. You will receive a summary all requests are send. We skip orders from the last 10 days because we can only request reviews when the order is delivered and we want to avoid sending out review requests to orders that will may be refunded.
  9. How do I know which orders got review requests?
    You can either manually open the order in sellercentral and click on ‘Request Review‘ and you will see that the order is already requested or send us an email to [email protected] to receive your full log file.


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