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Thanks for choosing AMZ Review Requester, lets set the system up to go live!

1. Step – Invite

1. Go to User Permissions here: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/account-manager/home.html/ or go to Seller Central > Right upper corner > Settings > User Permissions

2. Add new User

Name: Elevate

Email Address: [email protected]

Wait some minutes…

Please wait, we will accept the invite within the 3-6 minutes. Amazon sends an email that the secondary user is added or you can just refresh the User Permission page and check if you can manage permission for the invited account.

2. Step – Set permission

After the invitation is accepted please go ahead and set the permissions as below.

We only need to 2 permissions:

Orders -> Manage Orders: View Permission
Reports -> Fulfillment Reports: View Permission

Please see a screenshot of the permissions attached here.

After the permissions are set we will start requesting all your review from the past orders within a day and continue to send out requests once per week. Every time we send requests you will receive a summary email with the events.

Thats it, you are all setup and will receive your first summary shortly 🙂


Please complete the form to submit your enquiry. Our team will contact you within one working day.

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