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The onboarding service provides new Amazon sellers with an entire account setup service within Amazon’s seller central interface. There are two main aspects to the onboarding service provided by Elevate. The first part of the onboarding process is to configure all of the account settings within Amazon seller central.

  • Shipping Setting (for merchant fulfilled orders)
  • Return Settings (for merchant fulfilled orders)
  • User Permissions
  • Category Approval
  • Brand Registration
  • Sellers Info & Policies

Amazon Product Listing creating and Optimization

The second aspect of the onboarding service provided is Amazon product listing and content optimization service. Elevate is highly experienced in creating market leading product listings that deliver results. We offer a full Amazon product listing optimization service that will ensure maximizing keywords and search terms to increase ranking and conversions. Our inhouse expert copywriters will work closely with your team to create professional product content that is highly optimized for the western search. We conduct in-depth product research, competitive analysis, and keyword research to develop the content to maximize the listing’s visibility. A product listing must be optimized through its content and also through the imagery in order to rank high within Amazon’s organic search engine so that it is displayed as often as possible to shoppers. The product listing must look professional and provide critical detailed information on the product and its features required by the shopper to make the decision to purchase the product. As part of managing your digital merchandising on Amazon, Elevate provides full service for the following services.

  • Product Listing Creation including title, bullet points, and description
  • Content Optimization
  • Bulk upload via CSV file
  • Listing Audit

Our seller customers enjoy high visibility, high click-through rates, and high sales through strategic product listing development, implementation, and management. Don’t know how to sell on Amazon or where to begin? Take the guesswork out of product creation and rely on Elevate to create your product listings and professionally manage your ecommerce presence on Amazon marketplaces.

Easy Amazon Onboarding service


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