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Boost value to your online business by applying expert skills and knowledge in the industry to your business. Elevate’s teams of experts partner with you to accomplish your eCommerce, digital marketing and omnichannel objectives. If your business needs advice or analysis from experienced eCommerce professionals or you require any kind of management reports or standard operating procedures developed specifically for your business, then Elevate’s consultancy team are the experienced experts that you can trust. Our team of consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the issues faced by online retailers and has been supporting fast growing brands with every aspect of selling online since 2012.

We provide powerful solutions tailored specifically to your business needs. Stay ahead of your competitors and fast-track your way to online selling success by leveraging Elevate’s highly skilled and experienced team of eCommerce consultants.

Tailored Amazon Business Management Tools

A Tailored Financial Model

Using our financial modelling expertise, we’re able to rapidly deliver user-friendly and business-critical models that will help you make the best business decisions. Elevate has developed highly accurate financial model reports and forecast tools specifically for eCommerce marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Overstock and others that provide an accurate and realistic outcome. It’s highly important that you understand all the costs and can predict if you will be profitable or not before you undertake any project, especially an eCommerce project which has many hidden and variable costs.

Stock Ordering & Management Report

Do you need help with managing how much stock to order to keep up with demand on Amazon or any other eCommerce marketplace? Elevate’s expert team can tailor a stock ordering and management report that will ensure the correct amount of inventory is being ordered from suppliers to meet your customer demand and take in to account important factors such as seasonality, supply chain production lead-times and any other criteria. Our team has experience with development and managing stock or inventory ordering management forecast reports for multi-million-dollar (monthly) seller accounts managing in excess of 7,000 individual SKUs.

SKU Specific Profitability Report

One of the big mysteries for most eCommerce sellers or online retailers is how much profit are they actually making. Let Elevate’s experienced Analytics team take the guess work out by creating SKU specific analysis tools that provide a deep and clear insight in to the profitability of every single SKU you are selling across any eCommerce channel. Our customers have been able to dramatically increase their overall profitability by cutting unprofitable SKUs whilst building upon and diversifying profitable SKUs with a deep understanding provided by Elevate’s customized profitability report.

Accurate Return Report

Customer returns are a major headache for all online sellers. It’s vitally important to quickly understand the true return ratio for any SKU so that you can make sound and informed business decisions relating to repeat orders or an adjustment to a product in the testing phase. The Elevate Analytics team has developed an Amazon specific return report or tool that provides accurate and fast insight on the number and percentage of customer returns for any given SKU allowing you to understand if a product is successful or not. This powerful insight allows you to make fast adjustments to any product and places you in a commanding position when testing any new product variation and fast-tracks you to building more successful and profitable products and outpacing the competition.

FBA Shipping Planning Tool

Planning Amazon FBA shipments in bulk is no easy task, especially when managing multiple warehouses, various shipment methods, and delivery speeds. Ensuring that your products don’t run out of stock is a mission critical task and can be the make or break of any online retailer. Elevate has extensive experience in developing, implementing, and managing standard operating procedures and planning tools for bulk shipments to Amazon FBA and other distribution centers for high volume eCommerce sellers. Consult with Elevate’s Analytics team and fast-track your bulk shipment planning to success with new and profound insight for your high-volume and mission critical inventory distribution.

PPC Management Report

Managing PPC advertising campaigns is a complex task, especially with a large amount of SKUs and a diverse product range. Understanding how and why conversions happen and customer purchase behavior is paramount to the success of any PPC campaign however this critical information and data is not readily available or easy to analyze. Elevates Analytics team has developed ground breaking PPC management tools and reports that allow online sellers and eCommerce retailers to make informed and calculated decisions to deliver lower ACoS (average cost of sale) and increased conversions in relation to their Sponsored Products or Sponsored Ads PPC campaigns on Amazon marketplaces worldwide.

Custom Analytical Reports

Do you need a custom business report or tool to help your team achieve a task or require special insight on any aspect of selling on Amazon or another online eCommerce marketplace? Engage with Elevate’s highly skilled and experienced Analytics team and we will create the report for you that delivers mission critical data to your desktop. We have extensive experience with extracting historical information from Amazon and working with big data to be able to create and deliver useful, meaningful reports that provide clarity and insight on historical trends as well as using the data to create powerful forecasting models for sales and profitability projection.

Inventory Age Report

Understanding inventory age and scheduling liquidation or extraction from Amazon FBA significantly improve a seller’s bottom-line. We understand the importance of turning over inventory within an acceptable timeframe to ensure increased FBA fees are not cannibalizing profits. Consult with Elevate’s Analytics team to gain a thorough understanding of your Amazon FBA inventory life cycle and significantly reduce unnecessary Amazon FBA fee’s.

Standard Operating Procedures

Product Listing Creation & Optimization

Our content experts provide standard operating procedures on how to perform thorough keyword research and guidelines on optimizing content for Amazon’s product detail pages. We deliver actionable solutions that lead to an increase in organic ranking boost and conversion.

Sponsored Ads PPC Development

Do you need an expert to train your marketing team to develop and manage Sponsored Ads PPC campaigns on Amazon? We apply our experience, research, and data tools to help you achieve better results through generating leads and sales for your business.

FBA Shipment Creation

Need help with creating Amazon FBA bulk shipments? Elevate’s experienced e-fulfillment team will train your warehouse and distribution teams to plan, create, and develop standard operating procedures as well as useful reports and tools for Amazon FBA shipment creation.

Image & Video Content Creation

Improve your brand identity and drive clicks with high quality imagery and video content on your listings. Our photography, videography and graphic design consulting solutions offer guidance on how to achieve click-worthy visual content while following Amazon’s imaging style guides and technical requirements.

Other Marketplace Services

Multi-channel Integration

A major challenge for growing etailers (online retailers) is how to manage orders across multiple selling channels and inventory across disparate warehouses. Elevate has been providing multi-channel integration solutions for centralized order management and inventory management via industry leading technology for many years and provides turn-key solutions that take the pain and guesswork away. Leverage Elevate’s experienced eCommerce system integration team for your next multi-channel integration project a fast-track your online selling path to success.


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